LowFruits is the best SERPs Analyzer in the market right now, don`t lose time with manual analysis, we made a review about LowFruits, the link to start for free will be at the end! Enjoy it!


Reveal Weak Key Words

  • Import your keyswords
  • Save time with automation in bulk.
  • Clustering and other features.

Get KeyWord Ideas

  • Get the most relevante longtail.
  • Use Wildcard searchers to find combination.
  • Find competition Keywords

Find Untapped Keywords

  • Analyze SERPs to find weak spots. Weak spots are either weak websites or forum responses that are ranking high (in the top 10 search results). This means that you can compete with them easily (and win).

    Use DA (Domain Authority, Moz Metric) to find if a website is weak.
    If you insert your website, look for websites that have a DA below or equal to yours.
    Without your website, look for websites that have a DA below 20.

    Forum responses include : Quora, Reddit and other type of forum websites or forum sections on a website.

 With LowFruits you can view other metrics too :
content word count, title match, type of websites.

LowFruits will reveal where User Generated Content (UGC) websites and your weakest competitors rank in the top positions.
Analyze SERPs in bulk and save time.


  • Pay as you go, generating keywords ideas is for free