Travel Payouts Review

Travel Payouts Review

Travelpayouts was launched in 2011 and initially was not a network, but an affiliate program of JetRadar.

Since 2014, additional affiliate programs have been added to Travelpayouts. The first of which was the Kiwitaxi program. This is how Travelpayouts transformed from an affiliate program into a network. At the moment, more than 80 affiliate programs are available on the network, a full list of which is available below.

In 2020, more than 270,000 webmasters from around the world have been registered in the Travelpayouts network. The network is even suitable for webmasters from different countries, as both international and local companies are available. In addition, the tools have been translated into 59 languages.

Join TravelPayouts Affiliate Network

Available Affiliate Programs: 

Travelpayouts is the largest travel affiliate network in terms of both the number of webmasters and the number of programs available.

At the moment, you can join over 80 affiliate programs through Travelpayouts. All of them are available in the Programs section on the Dashboard. You can learn more about the Travelpayouts network, the available affiliate programs, and tools from the following video:


Personal Account (Dashboard)

After registration, each webmaster is granted access to a personal account, where he/she can find:

  • Complete list of affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate tools.
  • Statistics.
  • Account management options.
  • Blog newsfeed.
  • Useful courses and promotional codes.

The dashboard is available in two languages: English and Russian. Other Travelpayouts sites are available in these languages, such as the blog and knowledge base. The support service is also available in two languages and operates seven days a week.

The most detailed statistics on sales and income are available in the dashboard, where you can see the date of sale and direction. If the advertiser shares additional data, you can also see the name of the hotel, date of stay, and other information.

In 2019, the Travelpayouts team released a new version of the dashboard and are constantly improving the current version.

Available Tools:

There are numerous tools available to you through the Travelpayouts affiliate network:

  • Links
  • Widgets
  • Banners
  • White Labels
  • APIs
  • Landing Pages
  • And some others

Each affiliate program has its own list of available tools, which range from a few tools (such as links and banners) to a complete list, including API access.

Some of the affiliate programs at Travelpayouts offer unique tools not found elsewhere. For example, through the affiliate program (available through Travelpayouts), the search widget is available. This feature is not available through the in-house affiliate program.

Most of the widgets and other tools are fully customizable. For example, you may change the size, colour, and other parameters. 


Payment is made once a month (between the 10th and 20th) if, during the previous month, the webmaster has reached the minimum payout amount (starting at $50). The volume of minimum payouts depend on the type of payment:

Payment methodMinimum payout amount
Bank transfer

EUR 400 

USD 500


EUR 40 

USD 50

Previously, payouts to ePayments had been an available option, but this method is no longer available. Bank transfers and PayPal payouts are still available.

Please note that the minimum payout amount includes your total income across all affiliate programs. For example, you can earn $30 on and $28 on GetYourGuide, for a total of $58, which means you will get paid during the next payout period.

Pros and Cons:

There are many affiliate programs in the tourism niche, but there is only one travel affiliate network, which is Travelpayouts. We have collected the main pros and cons of the service.


  • Large selection of affiliate programs
  • A single account for managing all affiliate programs
  • Several ways to receive payments
  • Unique tools (including API)
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Prompt support service
  • Free training for affiliates


  • Some of the advertisers’ websites are only available in English
  • Tools in 59 languages are only available through the JetRadar program (flight meta-search service), while the rest of the affiliate programs offer tools in a smaller number of languages

How to Earn Money With Travelpayouts:

Travelpayouts is a place where advertisers and webmasters meet. To earn money, you need travel traffic, which you can drive to advertisers’ websites from:

  • Blogs.
  • Facebook groups.
  • YouTube channels.
  • And other sources that include paid ads.

Please note that each affiliate program within Travelpayouts has its own traffic requirements, which are indicated in the description of each specific program. For example, here are the rules of the Cheapoair affiliate program:

Prohibited types of traffic cannot be driven to an advertiser’s website. Doing so will lead to sales being unpaid and, in some cases, can result in your account being blocked. The Travelpayouts support team can be contacted seven days a week to clarify any unclear points and help sort out any questions.

Each affiliate program has its own terms of remuneration, but almost all programs work on the CPA model, which means you will receive income every time someone buys a travel service thanks to you.

Let’s look at an example:

  • You sent your site visitor to the advertiser’s GetYourGuide site 
  • The visitor bought a sightseeing tour for $120
  • You will receive $9.6, which is 8% of the price

Not all visitors buy a service or product right away. Some come back later. To ensure these delayed sales are attributed to you, most advertisers offer cookies for a period of 30 days (and, in some cases, up to 365 days). Each advertiser on Travelpayouts has its own cookie lifetime conditions. For example, offers a 30-day cookie lifetime:

Most of the programs available at Travelpayouts have a direct affiliate program. For example, GetYourGuide or If we compare Travelpayouts with direct affiliate programs, in most cases, it is more convenient to work through Travelpayouts. You will have a single account, access to support, an intuitive and modern interface, the same commission rate, and convenient timely payments.

Join the Travelpayouts affiliate network today and earn money on the sale of flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services.