amoCRM Review

amoCRM Review

amoCRM is a multifunctional CRM that excels at taking the conversation with your customers to the next level. With messengers, the connection is personal. All major messenger platforms are supported. Create your own chatbots with the code-free chatbot builder, and make sure your business is online 24/7, at any capacity. Customers love amoCRM for our analytics, reporting and automation capabilities.

STOP PRESS! A CRM for Whatsapp?! In another first, amoCRM, the leading messaging CRM,  now integrates to Whatsapp.

Make WhatsApp your new sales weapon with amoCRM 

WhatsApp’s clean minimalism was built for casual chatting, not juggling valuable sales conversations. Power-up your WhatsApp for sales with amoCRM — a platform built to manage all the steps of transforming potential customers into paying customers.

Plus, once they buy, amoCRM’s Customer Pipeline provides tools like NPS (Net Promoter Score) for building loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

One of the easiest ways for startups and small businesses to win more sales is to extend their hours and boost response speed with a chatbot. amoCRM’s salesbot is a chatbot for WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and more.

At amoCRM they call their bot Salesbot because it can do so much more than chat. It’s actually become an important cog in the sales process. For example, Salesbot can capture potential customers, fill in their profiles, assign a responsible user, add tags, progress the lead through the pipeline and a lot more! You can build chatbots for WhatsApp and other messengers when you subscribe to an Advanced plan or higher. In addition to Salesbot, the $25/user/month Advanced subscription also comes with all of the features of amoCRM, including a drag-and-drop sales pipeline, a unified inbox for all your messengers and more.

About QSOFT & amoCRM

QSOFT, LLC. is an international company founded in 2004, when, QSOFT proudly introduced amoCRM to the American market. Today amoCRM is used by 500,000+ users worldwide to manage thousands of leads and contacts. amoCRM is built on the Amazon Web Services platform, so it is safe, secure, and always available.

At a Glance

There are also definitions screens for the following settings:

  • User Management
  • Account Settings
  • Paying Account
  • Widgets
  • Lead’s Custom Fields

Leads Management is truly the heart of the system. The default Leads Pipeline view shows the Stage that your opportunity is at. All activity histories, win/loss information, user-defined fields, contacts, relationships, and tasks are available through the Lead details. Company profiles and charts can also be uploaded as files via the Lead Detail screens. However, if your business model does not allow for more than one product or service per Contact, you can probably get away with using just the Contacts tab

How does it Enhance Performance?

A good CRM is meant to help balance the usability and functions. Keeping in consideration this phenomenon, all the advanced features like detailed pipelines, task assignments, custom reports, etc. have been embedded in the user-friendly interface of amoCRM. The system has the unique ability to blend into the software environment as you can easily integrate third party apps in it. The system is available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Getting Started

amoCRM have made the setup process as seamless as possible. Connecting your email address and importing your customer database takes mere moments. Integrate with a myriad of different services free of charge, and build a powerful sales stack. All clients are offered free onboarding and setup assistance, as well as multichannel support during business hours.

But the good things didn’t stop here. Within about ten minutes of my signing up, I received a call from amoCRM asking if I needed any help with the set up. Their proactive customer service knocked me off my feet.


With workflow automation, you can ensure your sales team doesn’t waste time on repetitive tasks. Manage leads, assign tasks, run email campaigns and much more without lifting a finger. In-depth analytics provide a full overview of your sales process. You can even manage the CRM on the go, with the mobile app available both on iOS and Android.

Adding Leads

Treat your sales team to a vast array of useful tools to work with your leads. Lead generation is simple with amoCRMs easy to use integrations and web forms. Chat, call and email your prospects straight from the CRM. All events are stored in the lead card, including call recordings, tasks and chat messages. No data is lost or forgotten. Perfect messenger-based sales solution for entrepreneurs, small, and medium businesses.

Sales Pipeline

Each lead moves hrough stages before a sale is closed. All these stages combined make a pipeline. You can customize each pipeline according to the sales process. And all it takes is a few drag-and-drops. The interactive, user-friendly pipeline deserves some brownies points. Other than this, default settings are available for those who wish to use a standard sales pipeline.

Analytics & Sales

Your sales representatives will always have access to the summary report of all sales in the form of charts of the sales pipeline. The Win-Lost Analysis reports show the number of completed leads and the ones that were lost.

Supported Integrations

amoCRM can be easily integrated with various file storage services like Dropbox, hosted PBX and email distribution services. Other than this, Zendesk and online chats can be used for optimizing communication with customers. Wufoo integration is also there to generate leads by placing an inquiry form on your website.

Team Collaboration and Messaging

amoCRM features a built-in messenger that lets you communicate with a lightning fast speed right in the interface. There is no need to worry about switching from one app to another to collaborate with your team. Even if you are away from your desk, you will get alerts on your phone and the amoCRM notification center. You will never miss a message from any of your teammates now.

Mobile CRM

amoCRM offers full-featured mobile CRM for Android, iPhone and Tablet. It lets you access the lead and contact profiles too keep track of the tasks, make one-tap call, email, and chat. The business card scanner lets you add new leads by taking a picture of the card, and keeps you on task with to-do notifications. Neat! The Mobile app gives you the freedom to roam and stay connected at the same time.

Power your Sales with Messaging

Consumers are already exchanging millions of messages with businesses every day — is your sales team ready for the revolution? amoCRM adds a whole set of messaging apps to your arsenal, equipping your reps to respond lighting-fast to hot leads and drive more sales. The best part? Now you can write to leads on the messaging app they prefer from the comfort of the lead card. No more app switching. No more “hang on while I look that up”. Grab messenger leads, respond more effectively and do it with all the lead’s info right in front of you.

Watch all Prospects Closely

Even if you have used the best lead grabbing strategy of all, you won’t be able to make the most out of it if you don’t have a system that can retain your leads. amoCRM lets you collect leads from various communication channels, organize their contact and behavior information. These communication channels include live chat, email addresses, social media, and phone numbers.

Instant Lead Logging with Business Cards

You will have access to advanced business card scanner that lets you import the data of your prospects and remain connected with them, simply by scanning their business card. This fast deal closure mechanism is meant for teams that consider customer management as a creative process. There are free 3rd party business card scanners that integrate with amoCRM for people who love this feature.

Advanced Customer Tracking

It not just manages the arrival of customers into your database, but it also manages a healthy relationship once you get connected with them. There is a detailed pipeline activity view for each customer. Hence, you can always detect the churning locations of your clients and get in touch with them as and when you want.

Digital Ads

With the digital pipeline, your sales agent will have the freedom to engage with the customers and automate the follow ups. Using the pipeline, you can send emails to your targeted leads and even display digital ads for encouraging your prospects to get more information about your product/service.

Sync all Emails

Whether you are on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other, amoCRM gives users full email integration from its outlet. You can use any email address and app you want for sending and receiving messages because everything is synced to your amoCRM client’s profile.

Click to call

It has a built-in VoIP, so you will have access to a full fledge calling solution right into your CRM. If you want to make a call, just dial from your client’s profile directly. The best thing of all is all phone calls are recorded so if you forgot jotting down something, you could listen to the recordings. It keeps call statistics too so you can always keep track of the calling habits of your sales department.


The founders of amoCRM have made the security extremely tight. As you log into your account, you can ensure that your session is not used or stolen. The sessions are stored in database tables that have a limited expiration because the identifiers keep on changing after every few minutes.

The servers located in data centers are monitored 24/7 and the data exchanged is secured with SSL certified. Data backups are created automatically when the databases are copied to the server. Other than this, data is saved on secure storage devices so that in case of all servers crash, you can still restore the system.

In addition, they have a fairly comprehensive role-based access system where you can specify data that should (or should not) be accessible by each user. You can make groups to easily update permissions and add/remove users.


amoCRM offers three pricing plans  with a 14 day free trial version of the system that lets you explore all the features. Keep an eye on the incoming emails from amoCRM as they offer discounts on top of the up to 75% discounts you can avail by choosing to pay for 6, 9, 12 or 24 months in advance.

Ideal Industries

Small to medium businesses, Accountants, Construction Companies, Financial, Healthcare, Real Estate.

Client Base

Used by 500,000+ users worldwide.


  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Very easy to use and an extremely user-friendly interface
  • Ideal for messenger sales and marketing
  • It tracks the prospects closely and allows you to tag them for better organization
  • Highly customizable, making it ideal for virtually any business type
  • Highly flexible, and customizable role-based access control mechanism
  • Strong email integration functionality
  • Keeps a track of all the email correspondences with clients in a clear way
  • Great mobile CRM features
  • Click to call fast dialing, with VoIP, call recording and statistics
  • Commendable customer support.


  • It’s mainly targeted at sales teams with little support for project automation
  • Social media integrations limited to chatting/ads
  • Not suitable for enterprises or large companies
  • Document management features are limited
  • Limited disk space – only 800 Mb for the most expensive plan
  • You can’t export the entire raw data (i.e. telephone-based interactions)

This is for

Ideal for both B2C and B2B business models, it can help transform your first-time contacts into leads and maintain an organized database so that you can make better sales decisions. The software also tracks your performance and lets you at a glance, view sales progress.

If we had to pick the key selling point, it’d be usability. AmoCRM keeps track of everything yet reduces info management to just a few clicks. All in all, this can be a great help for the smaller sales team that has more complex sales processes.

This is not for

It’s mainly geared for smaller sales teams. The biggest flaw that we can think of is that unlike some other big CRM’s, it won’t scale with your business. It’s very affordable, and supports up to 50,000 contacts and 800 Mb of disk space for the Enterprise plan per user. Also, it only offers a limited number of custom fields, but for most businesses, these should be more than adequate.


Not sure if amoCRM is the best fit for your needs? Call, click or email to speak with one of their Technology Advisors for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and a free, 30-day trial.

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