Combin Review

Combin Review

Combin has an interesting way of getting you involved in their services.

They are an Instagram marketing service; however, you can only hope to maybe get help from them by entering your email and going on an email list.

There’s no simple way to pay for their services and watch your engagement grow.

Upon further investigation, we would strongly suggest that Combin is just another Instagram bot service – their features are markedly similar to most other typical bots out there.

Let’s give them a review and see how they check out.

What Does it Do?


Combin is a desktop application that you download from the internet.

It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Microsoft, which means that it caters to a broad audience. It boasts many different features that can really help you get ahead when it comes to targeting the right Instagram followers for your account.

We think that the most significant feature they offer is the ability to search for people who are going to be interested in your particular niche.

Through Combin, you can look for locations and hashtags, as well as users. After you’ve found the right people, you can comment and like their content.

You can also direct message or just follow the people that you like. You can do all of these things either en masse or person by person. The Combin dashboard and interface is relatively easy to use.

Advanced Instagram Search

Combin comes with an advanced Instagram search feature. This feature allows you to find posts through Instagram locations and hashtags.

You can also do a combined search of both of these to get even more specific with your target audience.

You can also comment, like or even direct message your target audience, all through Combin’s easy to use dashboard.

You can even refine your search results further through things like comments, likes, and dates.

Targeted People Search

With Combin, you can target the people that follow your competition. You can also engage with them so that their attention is turned instead to your account.

This is a great way to build your brand with people who are going to be interested in your niche.

After you have searched and found them, you can like or comment en masse to get as many people interested as possible.

What’s great about the mass comment feature is that you can set it and then forget it.

You don’t even have to worry about copying and pasting your comments to multiple people – Combin can do this for you.

Unfollow/Follow System


Combin also helps you manage your own Instagram followers and general following. In fact, you can efficiently manage both of these in one tab on the dashboard.

This way, you can know who you followed that didn’t end up following you back so that you can go back and unfollow them.

You can also follow new people just with one click, so you don’t waste too much time.

Like your comments and likes, you can also follow and unfollow people en masse as well, and Combin will take care of this.

Easy Communication

One of the best things about Combin is that it allows you to have easy and straightforward communication with people you may be interested in following you.

You can even be involved in discussions with people who may follow you by leaving likes and comments.

You can also schedule a limit on how much you engage with potential followers every day, which means you can avoid looking spammy and being red flagged by Instagram.

If you’ve got a comment template that you like, you can set this up and save it so that Combin can use it for you again.

This means you don’t always have to be thinking up a new comment to leave on someone’s content.

Combin also allows you to manage your messages and comments efficiently, and you can even talk to multiple people at a time so that you don’t miss any engagement.

Preview and Sorting

Combin lets you preview followers before they engage with them.

You can take a look at a potential follower and see if they’re worth following based on their engagement rating and the content that they’re posting.

This is because Combin lets you preview accounts and posts before you follow them.

You can also search for these pages by relevance, and you can even filter your results, so you only see pages that have good engagement or appealing content.

Multiple Account Management and Posting Schedule

Combin Track Audience Activity and Stats

We tested Combin’s service because we wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to be red flagged by Instagram.

With their basic ‘starter’ plan, we saw some positive results, and we started to get people following our page that were going to be interested in our content.

However, what we didn’t like is the fact that we had to sign up to their email list to be considered for their services.

We also don’t think that the engagement we got was high quality – they didn’t seem to be followers that were going to stick around long-term.

They didn’t make it easy for us to use and download their dashboard either, which we found to be quite strange.

Normally companies like this would only be too happy for you to sign up with them, but it seems that with Combin you have to be approved first.

The Best Part of Combin

The only thing we really like about Combin is that they have an easy to use dashboard.

Questions About Combin

Is It Safe to Use?

Ultimately, we don’t think that Combin is safe to use.

While they do have some impressive features that can make it easy for you to navigate around your engagement and not do it all yourself, we now feel that they’re nothing more than just another Instagram bot.

What’s more, they don’t let you see how much their services cost before you sign up – you have to give them your email address to find out more, which we find strange.

Will My Instagram Account Info Be Safe?

We can’t guarantee that your account will be safe, so we don’t recommend giving them your details.

Will I Get Banned or Shadow Banned?

There is the risk with an Instagram bot that your account may be banned. If Combin isn’t using relevant hashtags or is using too many, then there’s a good chance that they could get you shadow-banned.


  • Super easy to use and understand
  • Advanced search feature helps you get specific


  • The free trial has limited features
  • It’s most likely just using a bot to do the rest of the work
  • It requires you to do a bit of the work
  • You can only manage five accounts through the dashboard
  • Requires your email address for more information

A Review of Combin

First, We’ll Go Through the Positives

Secure Site

Combin starts off on the right foot with a secure https site. This is the first thing to look out for when visiting someone’s website, so it’s good to see that they have this level of security to protect their site and any information you share.

Verified Payment Gateways

When you go to pay for their services, your credit card information is protected by their authenticated gateway. This is another level of security that you should make sure of before giving out any valuable personal information.

FAQ and Help Page

Combin has a detailed FAQ and help page to answer all of your queries before you sign up. They have multiple ways that you can get in touch with them should you need their assistance, which is a good sign.

Visible Pricing

Combin’s pricing page is laid out well and easy to read. They go through what each package does in detail and they each have a click-through button that encourages you to subscribe. However, like we mentioned already you must subscribe to their email list before getting their services which is a little confusing.

Now We’ll Cover the Negatives

24/7 Customer Support

While they do have an extensive FAQ section and multiple emails to reach them on, they don’t have a continuous customer service team that you can reach out to no matter what time it is.

Real Reviews

There is a distinct lack of reviews on their website. Sometimes with these kinds of companies, you’ll see reviews that don’t appear to be real. In Combin’s case, they haven’t bothered to include any reviews at all.

Review Verdict: Is Combin a Scam?

Combin’s website certainly lacks some vital information that would be good to know before you dive right in, including reviews and having to go on an ambiguous email form.

In summary, while Combin seems to be capable of going to distance when it comes to offering you a useful marketing tool for your Instagram, upon further research it was discovered to be no better than your average Instagram bot.

There isn’t anything special about Combin and the services it provides so you might want to tread cautiously in this case because bots like this can put your Instagram page at risk.

Probably better to avoid this company and go for something a bit more stable.

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