Productive Review

Productive Review

What is Productive?

Productive is All-In-One Time and Expense tool you need to run profitable business or agency. Track Profitability for fixed price and hourly projects. Do all the billing and invoicing, for recurring or one time projects. Track time with simple time tracker and collaborate on tasks. Find bottlenecks that cost money and consume your time. Avoid collisions, burnouts and overbooking with Resource Planning features. Create deal flow, get sales organized with overview of Sales Pipeline.

Best For

If you are development shop, marketing agency or a design studio looking for All-In-One time tracking, project management, sales and resource solution, you will find the most value with Productive.

Productive is an end-to-end project management tool that comes with an integrated Sales Pipeline, Resource Planning, and powerful Project Management features. It is made for agencies and professional service business. Sales Pipeline Easily manage your sales funnel and win more deals with a simple CRM solution. You won’t ever forget to follow up on that potential business opportunity. When the deal is won, convert it into a project, and continue working in the same tool. Project Management Assign work, collaborate, and organize agency projects. Project Management features are integrated with Time Tracking and Task Management so you will run projects faster and more elegantly. Resource Planning Organize and plan a work schedule for your entire agency. Find bottlenecks that cost money and consume time. Avoid collisions, burnouts, and overbooking with resource planning features. Powerful Business Insights Build customizable reports from scratch by focusing on what’s important for you: Actual Utilization by People, Revenue & Profitability by Client, Invoiced Revenue by Months, Overtime by People, Profitability by Months, etc. What is more, with Productive you have high-level and in-depth knowledge about your agency’s performance.

Recursos com classificação mais alta
    • Agendamento – Gerenciamento de projetos
5% acima da média
    • Arrastar e Soltar – Gerenciamento de Projetos
4% acima da média
    • Datas de vencimento – Gerenciamento de projetos
2% acima da média
Recursos com classificação mais baixa
    • Atualizações em massa – Gerenciamento de projetos
-8% abaixo da média
    • Criação e Atribuição – Gerenciamento de Projetos
-10% abaixo da média
    • Priorização de Tarefas – Gerenciamento de Projetos
-8% abaixo da média

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